You must follow the instructions listed below when completing an Excel assignment.

You must follow the instructions listed below when completing an Excel assignment.

The assignment will be completed in Excel or any other spreadsheet software and uploaded to Assignments. If you use another spreadsheet program other than Excel, be sure you save the file with an xls or xlsx extension. Because it is Excel, I require that all the calculations be shown in Excel. In other words,​ don’t do the work offline and just type the results into Excel,​ as that’s not using the software as it’s intended and points will be deducted.

One of my fellow instructors has created an excellent demonstration ​VIDEO ( of her working a comparable “algorithmic” version of the first assigned Excel problem. The problem she works is P2-39B on page 109. The video will demonstrate what is necessary for the assignment and it is only 10 minutes long. Highly recommended!

The problem you will be working for Excel Assignment #1 in this class is P2-33A found on page 103-104 of your text​. Here is a ​template of 2-39B (the one shows in the video). All you have to do is change the company name, date and amounts and you should be ready to roll.

Go to the specific assignment page for Excel Assignment #1 to get started and to eventually turn in your assignment. Be warned you can only turn in each Excel assignment one time — they cannot be re-taken multiple times.

P2-33A on page 103-104 of text ​(the question you should working on)

You must follow the instructions listed below when completing an Excel assignment.

1. If a problem requires a written response in text format, please use your own words to respond to the question. Copying exact statement from the solution manuals and turning it in as one’s own statement is recognized as plagiarism.

2. The default setting in Excel includes three sheets. To add additional sheets, select “​Insert​” in the menu bar and click on “​Worksheet​.” Please note there is a difference between assigning one sheet per requirement and one file per requirement. If you assign one file per requirement, a problem with five requirements must be saved five times. This is very time consuming. Make sure to assign one sheet per requirement to avoid this lengthy process.

3. Use the formula function of “Excel” to compute an answer. To enter a formula into a cell, place your cursor in that cell and press the equal (=) sign on your keyboard. This sign is located on the top right segment of the keyboard. The equal sign tells the computer that you are entering a formula. You may then add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), or divide (/) depending on the calculation that needs to be completed. For instance, if you want to add E10 to E11, enter =E10+E11. Once you hit the enter key on your keyboard, the two cells will be added. To subtract, enter =E10-E11 and press the enter key. Alternatively, you may wish to use AutoSum function (located on the toolbar) to add up a range of cells. For example, if you want to add two or more cells, place your cursor in the cell that the total needs to appear and click on the AutoSum symbol. A symbol =SUM() will appear. You may then specify the range of cells that needs to be calculated and press the enter key.​If you don’t use formulas for all the math functions in an excel assignment, there will be a loss of points.

4. Enter your name, the number of the problem or question, the course name (Financial Accounting 1), and my name in the top right-hand corner of each assignment.

5. Save each assignment on a storage media (a Zip disk, USB Key, etc,) using your last name and the problem number as the file name ​(e.g., Mayer_1-2A-use this one I will change it later)​.​ ​Please do not use MS Works in replacement of MS Office or Excel to complete the assignment as it cannot

be opened in Excel. If you use Open Office, please make sure you save your file with an xls or xlsx extension.

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